Changelings are a mythical race of creature that is widely believed to be extinct, or never existed at all. However, they are quite real. They are very few in numbers, only a handful in existence, but even those are impossible to find due to the nature of their abilities.

Changelings have long been used by royalty and nobles as assassins, infiltrators, and spies. Some have used Changelings openly as enforcers. Changelings seem to be a mutation more than a race unto themselves. Any race – elf, dwarf, human, etc. – can have Changelings within their ranks. Changelings are born to normal parents, though a Changeling is much more likely to sire another.

When a Changeling dies, it reverts to a form unlike any form it has ever taken. Purple skin with scales, this form is a mystery to Changelings, though some think it has something to do with their origins.

Changelings are hated due to the fear of others having their identity stolen from them. They are outlawed in every civilized society. If a Changeling is ever discovered to be a Changeling, they are hunted until death.

At Level 5:

  • As a Bonus Action, a Changeling can change any part of their anatomy to any other similar appearance. They can also change size, shape, and gender, though they cannot take on the appearance of any other person.

At Level 10:

  • As an action, a Changeling can change their appearance to that of another humanoid they have seen in the past day. A Changeling must complete a long rest before using this action again. If the person the Changeling is impersonating sees the Changeling, that person must make a DC 15 Con save or fall unconscious.

At Level 15:

  • When a Changeling is impersonating another person, they gain access to all the senses that person is currently experiencing. They are able to see through that person’s eyes and hear what they hear. If they impersonate a dead person, the Changeling cannot make use of this ability. The Changeling can also communicate telepathically with the person they are impersonating. They may also teleport to the person they are impersonating as an action.
  • The Changeling can impersonate anyone they have ever met, no longer needing to see them within the past day.

At Level 20:

  • When a Changeling impersonate another person, they can choose to have the other person die if that person has fewer than 100 hit points. If they choose to do so, the Changeling gains all knowledge and memories of that person and can imitate that person perfectly.


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