Druid of Dawn

The Druid of Dawn and the Druid of Dusk have long been the protectors of the natural order. When the twin spirits of magic in the world were born, they anointed a being who would work to ensure that which was sacred in the world was kept sacred. Working in tandem with all the beings of the natural order, and often at odds with the Guardians, the Druids were the leaders of the Sylvani.

When an individual is assigned the role of the Druid, they are given a designation as Dusk or Dawn. The Druid of Dusk is needed in times of turmoil. An individual who is willing to kill, destroy, and ruin in order to maintain the sanctity of nature. When the time comes to begin the healing process, the Druid of Dawn is designated to ensure the world is not torn asunder by the Dusk’s revelations.

The Druid of Dawn may communicate with animals at all times as though those animals speak Common. This includes all beasts and animals of the material plane. This does not include any entity from a different plane.

At Level 5:

  • The Druid of Dawn may spend an action to restore any plantlife or beast to its natural state. Any flora or fauna that has been injured or partially destroyed, as long as a portion of it still exists, can be restored to its optimal state.
  • The Druid of Dawn, as a free action, may determine if an individual means to cause harm to the life around them.

At Level 10:

  • The Druid of Dawn may commune with Yggra, the Servant of Terra. Yggra will regard the Druid of Dawn as an ally and, while completely sentient and independent, will work alongside the Druid of Dawn to ensure the safety of the natural order. The Druid of Dawn may speak to and call on Yggra from anywhere, though his ability to assist is dependent on the situation.

At Level 15:

  • As an action, the Druid of Dawn may cause a small sapling to appear in an area. For every action he spends growing the sapling, it gains an additional effect. The effects extend to 30 ft.
  • Round 1: The sapling appears in a soft green glow and heals all friendly creatures in the area for hit points equal to the Druid of Dawn’s level.
  • Round 2: The sapling grows and grants advantage on saving throws to all friendly creatures in the area.
  • Round 3: The sapling grows into a tree and grants true seeing to all friendly creatures in the area and also prevent all status effects to friendly creatures in the area.
  • Round 4: The tree grows and gives all friendly creatures in the area the effects of Sanctuary
  • Round 5: The tree grows into a large tree that’s limbs now spread over the affected area. All friendly creatures in the area can now see the spectral animals nested within the limbs. Those spectral animals can be called upon as a reaction by any friendly creature to absorb a single attack.

The tree only glows and gives its benefits for a single round after the Druid stops channeling, however, the tree’s effects can be made permanent by spending a full day meditating on its growth.

At Level 20:

  • The Druid of Dawn becomes one with Terra. He gains full control of Yggra and can now instantly move between every tree he has planted throughout the world.
  • The Druid of Dawn gains the power of true resurrection.

Druid of Dawn

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