A bit of a misnomer, Introduction. I find it difficult to write such a section, as I, of course, require no introduction whatsoever, but I do sympathize with the concept that being introduced to a man such as myself is a privilege you only ever experience once, and so I will do one again in the hopes of allowing you that transcendence once more.

I am Jericho. Many have asked my last name, and I can only shake my head, as there is not one of you who is worthy of knowing it. Once you have the vast amounts of knowledge I have, once you have delved the depths of the multiverse and discovered the truth about yourself, then you can know my full name. Until such a time, I am known only as Jericho, the Maker. They call me the Maker because I can make something out of you. In fact, by virtue of the fact that you have lifted this book from some highly adorned and respected spot on a majestic bookshelf, means that I am currently making something out of you. Like it or not, you’re in my hands now. Who you are by the end of this book is who I have molded you to be, and there is nothing you can do about it.

In fact, you cannot even set this book down. Do you know how I know that? Because however arrogant I am, however offputting, disrespectful, objectionable, unpleasant, distasteful, however imperious, pretentious, and smug, there is one truth that you simply cannot deny.

I have something you need.

In this case, it’s this book. You may not think you need it, or you may not even know you need it, but you do. The title isn’t a lie. There are secrets in this world that you need to know. I know the exact hour and circumstances surrounding my death. And if I can tell you that, then I can tell you anything.

Keep reading. You may love me or hate me, and it is more than likely the latter, but believe me when I tell you that you feel about me the exact way I need you to feel about me to ensure everything goes according to plan. And believe me, children, there is a plan. Of course I don’t need an introduction — I’m Jericho.

And you don’t need an introduction either, because you’re all a part of the plan.


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