Making Planar Rifts

Not everyone is as responsible as I am. I keep my pets fed and my employees paid, and I also remember to bathe thrice daily. I am also terribly responsible when it comes to the fabric of interdimensional space. For instance, I have never, intentionally or otherwise, opened up a rift in the world, allowing the various planes to interact with our own. Despite that fact, there exist in the world individuals who are nowhere near as responsible as I am, and they have done just that.

When I refer to the Multiverse, I am referring to the planes of existence that exist in parallel to our own. They aren’t alternate worlds, they are different worlds, and there’s a difference. Alternate would mean that our world was the important one, and these planes exist to complement ours. In fact, our plane’s existence is usually at the leisure of the others, as we seem to have the weakest makeup of entities despite the fact that we easily number the most diverse. I suppose quality over quantity applies here.

Of the most irresponsible people, myself not being among them, the most irresponsible of all are mages. Mage, if you do not know, refers to any individual who uses magic. Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids, Clerics, and even Paladins are all mages. And they’re horrible. They don’t care. They believe that by virtue of being able to use magic that they are then entitled to use it in whatever way they see fit.

Let me take this moment to say that magic is a responsibility. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

That’s a lesson Archimedes could have learned earlier than he did. Old Archy was fond of traveling between planes, an activity I’m sure which eventually lead to his lack of sanity. He and his friends were fond of taking weekend excursions into other planes during their youth, a vacation, if you will, and meddling there under the delusion that their actions did not matter as they were not in their home world. They were wrong.

It’s all one world. It’s all one diamond. We’re just living on a different facet than the others. More than likely, you will never travel to another plane, and that’s for the best. Every time a rift opens, the fabric between the planes becomes that much weaker. Countless mages using their immeasurable power to travel between planes for fun has done a number on our protective layer. Gods forbid someone ever do it intentionally.

I’ve begun to notice rifts popping up without assistance from mages. I can only theorize that this is because of their meddling. When I’m in charge, I will personally decree that all mages either stay away from the other planes or be put to death. Or at least locked up. I don’t like killing anyone if I can help it. People are always more useful to you alive, remember that, dear reader. Killing satisfies our most base desires, and at this point, we should be beyond that. If you’re not, come find me. I’ll find something more productive for you to be doing.
If you happen upon one of these rifts, please stay away from it until I’ve been allowed to complete my research. I wouldn’t want any of you to accidentally be trapped in another plane for all time.

Making Planar Rifts

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