Nature of Magic

I surround myself with mages. This is most likely because of the fact that I never had a knack for the craft. I tried at an early age, but despite having an extradimensional being as a father, I wasn’t quite able to grasp the intricacies of it. I suppose it’s because the nature of magic is something of a feat of strength, and I am ever a man of delicacies. A soft touch only goes so far when it comes to wielding the mystical energies of the world, and I will tell you why. Despite never being able to use magic, or perhaps because of it, I have made it my business to understand everything I can about using it.

I have people in my employment. I use a mage to teleport me around the world, because outside of a certain carriage which only travels at the most inconvenient of hours, it is the most efficient way of travel. I also have a pyromancer, a chronomancer, an illusionist, and a necromancer among my payroll, each one used for a certain purpose. I spend so much money on them because magic is incredibly useful. It allows us to do things we are not normally able to do. And do you know why we are not normally able to do the things we can do with magic? Because we are not meant to do them. We’re not supposed to. Magic is, always has been, and always will be, a forbidden art.

But for something to be forbidden, someone needs to forbid it, right? It is the gods? Please. The gods couldn’t dictate and enforce their own rules even if they were true deities. Besides, most magic is done in their name, and believe me when I say they enjoy they very much. No, magic is forbidden from another entity entirely. The only entity that is actually a being beyond our comprehension…well, YOUR comprehension.

The Earth forbids magic.

And it has every right to do so. After all, when we use magic, we are literally ripping it away from the Earth. That is where the source of magic is found. No god grants the power we seek. Gods are just normal people who took more than their fair share, anyway.

Allow me to speak like a cliche fairy tale for a moment.

Magic is all around us. It is in every living thing, and even in things we don’t classify as living, but are. Every blade of grass, stone, tree, and animal has magic coursing through it. It is what keeps things together, literally. We live because we have magic within us. It is how the Earth formed everything that exists on it. It is the power of creation. It is the only thing that does not have a cost. Only true creative power can be costless. All other actions we perform consume energy of some form. Magic costs us nothing. The Earth provides it in limitless abundance and we use and abuse it for out own gain. And why shouldn’t we? It’s there for the taking, isn’t it?

Not exactly. The Earth knows that magic is its own domain, and that mortals and immortals alike are going to use it incorrectly. Actually, I don’t think the Earth believes there is a correct way for us to use it. In any case, the Earth is a jealous entity. It hordes magic, tries to keep it to itself. But it is a cage with bars set too far apart. It can’t stop the leaks. And where it leaks, mages await with open mouths, tongues slathering in anticipation.

You see, that is the nature of magic. We are literally stealing it from the Earth. Well, YOU are. We are tearing it away from a greedy kingpin, screaming, “We deserve it, too – don’t keep it all to yourself!” Some could question whether or not we have the right to do such a thing. However, whenever someone in history has thought these thoughts and proposed those questions, they were silenced. It would seem the Earth is not the only greedy among us.

Let us not worry too much. Whatever reasons the Earth has, that vast expanse over which dimensions are endlessly overlayed, we are not draining it. The well, as it were, is bottomless, for the power of creation is eternal. We cannot harm the Earth by stealing its magic. That is beyond us.

However, gods forbid anything ever come that has the power to destroy or negate magic. The Earth itself would be irreparably damaged.

Nature of Magic

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