On the Nature of Dragons

If you’ve read everything up to this point in my book, and not skipped around like an overexcited adolescent with the attention span of a junkyard newt, you’ll know that magic is a lifeblood of the planet given to us for use. It may surprise you to know that dragons are an extension of that lifeblood. They are the lifeblood manifest. Indeed, they are magic manifest. This makes them quite unlike anything else in the world, for they are of the world. As far as I am aware, they are the only true children of the planet, and the rest of us are just spawned from the aftermath of their birth.

Dragons are completely aware of this. I’ve spent long studying their attitudes towards the rest of us, and they don’t like us. There are those who they fancy for a time – Sorcerers whose blood is akin to their own, Dragonborn who are their closest relatives, and Elves, who come closest to the magic dragons so rapaciously covet. But above all else, dragons love magic and wealth. Everything and everyone else matter nothing to them in the pursuit of these things. Those who pursue magic and knowledge we deem good dragons, and those who pursue wealth and power we deem bad, but they all are the same to me.

It is my belief that dragons, as a species, have done the least for the world. Dragons are not great. In fact, given the choice, dragons would hole up and wait for the extinction of all other life before putting themselves in any kind of situation where they would have to change their fates. They’ve never had to. They are the spoiled children of the universe, given everything they need to survive by virtue of being the first to do so. It is also my belief that if dragons were gone, we would be much better off. It is my belief that if the planet were not so concerned with assisting the livelihood of those undeserving of their position, it would have the resources to focus on the growth and prosperity of its grandchildren.

It is my belief that if dragons were gone, magic would undergo a transformation of such magnitude, that we would essentially be living in a new age of magical renaissance.

I can, of course, prove none of this. I only have my beliefs. Someday, however, I also believe we will see a world unfettered by the siphoning of these great oafs. And when we do, we should raise our hands to the skies and receive the blessings we were always meant to have.

On the Nature of Dragons

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