Power of gods

I suppose since I touched on it in the last chapter, I should go ahead and explain this completely. To every fanatic wielding an ancient script, to every tome bearing healer, worshipping kneeler, and afterlife pursuer — the gods are phonies.

There are three forces of power in this world. They are as follows:
Magic, which comes from the Earth
Good, which comes from within, and
Evil, which comes from without.

All power, actual and imaginary, stems from these forces. There are beings who are incredibly powerful in this world. Some of them are swordsmen, others are sorceresses who’ve survived for far too long, and others are those who have claimed enough power to ascend to a level the likes of which, I believe, no mortal was ever meant to achieve. These individuals are what we call gods. They have moved to a different plane, usually the Seven Heavens or the Nine Hells, and decided to stay. Any mortal who decides to stay in a plane in which they did not originate will either die or become more powerful than they can imagine. It is that power which fuels their ambitions to fulfill the fairy tale we ascribe to powerful beings known as godhood. Just as an accurate archer may take up the mantel of Sagitarium, so also do people who have power decide to act out the parts they have been told powerful beings are meant to act out. The fact that you people worship and admonish them with praise doesn’t hurt the deal, either.

For anyone following along at home and has half a mind, the implications here should be obvious. We often think of gods as immortal arbiters, passing judgement and carrying out divine will. And while gods do, in fact, control a great deal of power, including the command of angels and demons, they have not achieved the impossible. For there are two things that are not possible, even for gods of infinite power.

Immortality and Resurrection.

No living being has looked longer, harder, or as passionately for the power to live forever or bring someone back from death, and I can tell you with all certainty, it cannot be done. Nothing lives forever. That which is dead cannot be alive again. Not truly. Corpses can be reanimated, souls can be contacted, and the facsimile of life can be presented, but on this material plane, the focus of all the universe, we have only a short amount of time and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Some beings have longer than others, and that hardly seems fair. Some of us find tricks to extend our lives, but were are only putting off the inevitable. And gods have found a way to stop the delay of time so that their bodies never age and wither. But I told you the implications here are obvious.

Gods can die.

Not only can they die, it is my opinion that they should. In the great debate of whether we take too much from our planet, they undoubtedly and without doubt have taken too much. And if time has given up on killing them, then it is up to someone else to take up the cause.

Unfortunately, I will be dead before I get a chance to do so. Don’t worry, it’s all a part of the plan. All that means is that I need one of you to do it. Trust me. It is the need of the planet more than the need of any individual.

Power of gods

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