Remembering the Past

If I could be so bold, I’d like to take some time to reminisce if you would indulge an old man his pleasures. I love to tell people about events in my own life, because I can hardly see a topic in which anyone could possibly be more interested. Perhaps the topic of how female warrior squeeze their anatomy within those tiny breastplates. That may be more interesting. But only if you’re a slobbering womanizer, and of all those who I wish to entertain, they would be the least.

I grew up with four very good friends. We were inseparable. We often called ourselves the Fabulous Five, and now that I am no longer a child, I can think of an endless list of better names we could have used, but what can one do when one is nine years old and unable to comprehend good taste.

As the Fabulous Five, we all dreamed of a day when we would rule the world. It’s both funny and sad how our childhood dreams can persevere to define us. I think that if any one of us had dreamed it alone, we would have lived perfectly normal lives. But since we dreamed together, I think we were all afraid of letting one another down if we didn’t achieve it. We wanted to rule the world because we said we would. Can you imagine? Such a simple reason. Codes of honor define men of standing throughout the world, and that honor keeps them true to their word. But honor didn’t keep the Fabulous Five true. It was loyalty. Loyalty, and perhaps a smidgen of competitiveness.

It was Apollo who came into his power first. That blew our minds. He was the runt of the litter, as it were. We picked on him, for when five children are together, there is always bound to be one who must be the butt of the jokes. Looking back, perhaps that is what drove him to become the best of us so quickly. Of course, it wouldn’t last. The others caught up soon after, driven once again by the competition inherent in everything we did.

I think I am writing this entry because I was to tell you that it’s okay to not be the powerful one. It is a lesson I had to learn early on. As each member of the Fabulous Five came into their own, I continued to spend sleepless nights crying because I spent restless days failing to do the same. My mother never bothered asking what bothered me. She didn’t care. The only people who would care were the very ones I couldn’t tell. I avoided displays of magic, made excuses for why I couldn’t go on quests and missions with them. I even went so far as to save my money and hire a private tutor. She turned out to be a scam artist, took every copper I owned, and never taught me so much as a card trick, but by that point, everyone knew anyway. They pretended they didn’t, and I think back fondly on that kindness, but they couldn’t pretend forever.

They considered not letting me in on Apollo’s Blessing. That was when I realized that our friendship, the lasting commitment we had made to each other when we were children, lasting into our young adult lives, could only go so far. I found out about it (Vivian could never keep a secret from me…which is ironic to say now) and forced them to include me. Apollo did so happily, which could only have meant that the others were the ones who initiated it.

I promised myself then that I would take Apollo’s Blessing…and he would be the only one I would not someday destroy. I may not be able to use magic, but I was a hell of a poker player. The most dangerous grudge is the one you don’t even know is being held.

Apollo made it so I’ve been able to hold that grudge for more centuries than I’ve taken the time to count. There was plenty more that lead to me wanting to see each of them in the ground, each one committing their own personal sins, but I won’t go into that here. I just want the world to know after I’m gone that there was once a group of children who discovered the Secrets of the Multiverse through sheer determination and willpower.

And those five children have shaped every aspect of the world in which you live.

Remembering the Past

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