Sons and Daughters of Destiny

I hold the belief that we are meant for great things. You and I. I am meant for these things because I have chosen to be. You are meant for these things because I have chosen you to be. Great things do not come about unprompted. Great things are done.

Consider the farmer. He or she does great things because they are doers. Consider the King who sits on his throne and eats ceaselessly. He does nothing, and greatness eludes him. The moment we become content with the way of things is the moment we cease being great. And if we are not great, we cannot do great things.

It honestly does not matter what you do, because great is not a measure of morality, it is a qualifier of impact. I don’t care if you are the most vile person alive, if you create impact, you have my respect. I must respect those who impact the world, for they are the ones who shape it. And if I cannot respect the people who shape the world in which I live, then no one at all deserves respect.

We are all sons and daughters of destiny, but some of us more than others. It is time for a history lesson. When I set out to write a book on the secrets of the multiverse, you may have been expecting more planar chatter, but the scholars of the world can speak to that. What they cannot speak to, however, are the secret histories I am about the reveal to you. I will reveal to you my top three favorite children of destiny.

King Orlandu Davar
This man was the first shaper of New Earth, or, as it was then called, Whitespire. In those days, the two continents were closer than they are now; a mere day apart on a leisurely cruise. Blackthorn, the modern day Jade Empire, was a darker place than it now is. The changes to the continents were a direct result of Orlandu’s avarice. He threw the continents apart and their names and original landscapes were lost to history. Well, I know all of them, but they are lost to most historians. Orlandu’s greatness stemmed from his literal shaping of the world as we know it. Whitespire and Blackthorn are no more, and now exists New Earth and the Jade Empire.

Serra, the Faithless
This woman prayed for many years for deliverance from the horrors that plagued New Earth. Her prayers went unanswered of course, because praying is stupid. In fact, I think I hate praying more than anything else. It is the exact opposite of greatness. It is, in fact, relying upon someone else’s greatness to pull you through hardship. Serra realized this and knew that she would have to deliver herself from horror. She searched with her body and not just her words, and found the Guardians who would save New Earth time and time again from horrors unimaginable. She could even control them. I also hear she has a great smile.

Hobbins Lightfoot
This halfing may be the greatest individual of them all. It took me decades of research to find Hobbins Lightfoot, and now that I know everything there is to know about the events following his clandestine journey to fate, I can’t help but feel sad that he’ll never know what he set in motion. It the actions of this little man, completely and utterly oblivious to what he was doing at the time, that will impact the world the most. You, myself, and every living being in the world right now is a part of his butterfly effect, and though he’s been dead for years, his greatness will be felt by all.

Sons and Daughters of Destiny

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