The Lucky Lady

The only honest gambling house in Bombad was on a hot streak. Known as a place where players could get their fair share, “The Lucky Lady” was booming with those who were sick of getting their pockets picked by other gambling houses. Many people wondered how the place stayed open, and there were many who wanted it closed. Outside The Lucky Lady hung a shield, a relic the owner found in the basement before she bought the place. It was large, intimidating, and made for a nice focal point to her sign. One night, a group of thugs sent from a competitor attempted to burn the place down. The next morning, the owner of The Lucky Lady found that they never made it through the door – the shield had fallen down on top of them, killing them instantly. A week later, an assassin was sent to take the owner out. He was found the next morning, the shield had slipped from its hinges as the assassin had tried to climb it, sending him crashing to the ground, killing him instantly. A rival gambling house used their connections in the local militia to shut down The Lucky Lady. One of the officers recognized the shield’s emblem and refused to take action. Over and over the shield protected The Lucky Lady until it went missing. The Lucky Lady burned to the ground the next day.

  • When taking the Dodge action, attackers roll at a Disadvantage even if you cannot see them. Also, when taking the Dodge action, you are not subject to sneak attack damage.

Trigger: Hang the Shield above an honest establishment and have it protect an innocent.

Belinda sat on the bed, waiting. The man came at the same time every week, and every week Belinda received a beating worse than the week before. She didn’t understand how the Order of Obsidian could allow one of their most influential members to abuse her like he did, but they turned a blind eye. She felt bad for taking the shield from the nice lady in Bombad, but she needed it. Maybe if she could block his blows, he wouldn’t come back.

Belinda was a member of the Order of Obsidian, but didn’t lead the wholesome life she had set out to live. She was indebted to the Order for taking her in, but the abuses she put up with were far enough. There was a man who worried less about hurting himself for his sins and more about hurting her. She had had enough. She had taken the Shield and it hung over her own bed one night when the man came calling. When the beating began, Belinda swore she noticed the shield shake on the nail she’d used to hang it. She reached for it, but couldn’t reach it. The man cried as he scratched at her. Then, all of a sudden, the crying stopped. Belinda looked up to see him lying unconscious on the floor, the shield lying next to him. If Ludovic found out what had happened, he’d have her killed. She did the only thing she could do. She stayed put. Because that’s all she deserved.

  • Everyone friendly creature within 30 ft of you has a +1 bonus to Armor Class as long as they do not have a weapon drawn.

The Lucky Lady

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