The Nunchaku of Undefeated Blossoms

The pagoda of The Monastery of Cherry Blossoms was once a school for training those who would seek martial mastery in the combat arts. For long it stood as the pinnacle of study and learning, but over time, those who succeeded in becoming masters of their craft began to see the Monastery of Cherry Blossoms as a way to show their dominance over others. A tournament was established and three masters placed themselves at each level within the pagoda and challenged anyone to climb the stories, defeating each as they went. Soon, their undefeated dominance turned into hubris, and they demanded tribute from the countryside. A boy, no more than a child, decided he would not stand for it, and found two sticks, tied them together, and fought his way to the top of the pagoda, ending the undefeated three.

  • +1 Nunchaku
  • The Nunchaku of Undefeated Blossoms allows its user to reroll any 1 made on Attack Rolls. This can be used more than once in a turn.

Trigger: Re-establishing the Monestary of Cherry Blossoms

The bearer of the Nunchaku of Undefeated Blossoms has a vision. The boy, named Erik, an elf, is told by his parents that they are moving south. He runs from his home, crying and desperate, and finds a tree unlike any other in the middle of the forest. He falls beneath it and weeps, and a single branch falls in his lap. He carries it with him, somehow comforted by the timber.

  • +2 Nunchaku
  • As a bonus action, you may take away Disadvantage from one roll of one ally within 30ft. This ability can only be used once before a short rest.

The Nunchaku of Undefeated Blossoms

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