The Singing Edge of Shinji Nagano

Shinji Nagano was a foreign dignitary from lands to the far east to the once great capital of Delneth. He was a high profile nobleman who was apparently sent to barter a trade agreement between two great nations. It was said that he was ruthless in his negotiations and spared no one’s feelings when it came to driving his bargain. He forced Delneth into a deal which would see them stop trade of all steel with nations to the north and focus all steel imports from the east. It was said he did this by bringing a blade with him that, when unsheathed, would resonate at a high pitch, cowing all those around him. Even the King of Delneth was powerless to refuse Shinji Nagano when he pulled his glistening blade.

  • +1 Katana
  • When the Singing Edge of Shinji Nagano is unsheathed, all unfriendly creatures within hearing distance must make a Wisdom Save against DC 8 + Proficiency + Charisma Modifier or else become Frightened for 1 round.

The biggest deal of Shinji’s life, a weapons trade worth empires, fell through due to the hubris of the King of Delneth. Angry, humiliated, and wanting revenge, Shinji unleashed a terrible illusion on the spoiled patrons of Delneth; a sight that left many of them frightened for years to come. Shinji took the Singing Edge and decided to peddle his wares elsewhere. The Kingdom of Elen. For the Elves were surprisingly ready to do business behind the King’s back.

  • +2 Katana
  • When the Singing Edge of Shinji Nagano was unsheathed, the wielder may cast an image and be perceived as a Large Were-Lion. The wielder does not need to be perceived as the were-lion, but can cast the image independently. The image acts as the wielder chooses and does not need to be maintained through concentration. For all purposes, it acts as a Major Image. Seeing through the image takes a DC 8 + Proficiency + Charisma Modifier.

When Shinji arrived in Elen, he arrived drunk and arrogant, demanding the attention of the Elves he thought were his lessers. He took his best blade and broke it during a demonstration in his drunkeness. Offended by this affront, the King sent him away. At the last moment, understanding what a fool he’d been, he attempted a show of apology by saving a young girl outside the city from her abusive father. He ended up grievously wounding the father and earning the ire of the daughter. He had used the half of the blade from his demonstration and the other half stayed on the floor of the royal chamber until given to a museum to commemorate the disapproval of the Jade Empire.

Shinji wandered alone and ashamed into the vast Savannah of the north. It was there, starving, thirsty, and alone, that he lay broken and ready to die. He could not go home and he wished only that the wilds would take him quickly. Instead, he was taken up in the mouth of a massive lion and brought to a den within the foundations of a castle of stone.

  • +3 Katana
  • When the Singing Edge of Shinji Nagano draws blood, it stores that blood within its blade. Whenever the wielder chooses, as an action, she can create a Dire Lion companion which lasts for rounds equal to the lives the blade has taken since the last time it was summoned, and has hit points equal to the amount of damage the blade has done to targets it has killed since last it was summoned. The hit points and rounds summoned persist between summoning.

The Singing Edge of Shinji Nagano

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