Vampires are not affected by sunlight.

Vampires are undead.

Vampires must feed on a humanoid once per week, or a lesser creature once per day. If a Vampire does not feed within that time frame, they fall into a torpor. Animals cannot sustain Vampires. A Vampire may choose two humanoids to feed upon within a week if they do not wish to kill any one.

Vampires can choose to infect any individual on whom they feed with Vampirism. The change takes place within an hour of being infected, and varies from person to person depending on factors such as weight, size, health, power of will, and willingness. A willing person changes immediately.

While in torpor, a Vampire is incapacitated. Any amount of humanoid blood will bring a Vampire out of torpor. Once out of Torpor, a Vampire must feed within an hour, or die permanently.

Vampires gain Darkvision.

At character level 5, Vampires gain Dominate Person using their class ability score. This spell can only be cast on an individual of a lower or equal level to the Vampire. A Vampire can use this spell only if they have fed within the past day. Once the spell is cast, the Vampire must then feed within an hour or fall into torpor. Creatures the Vampire has sired have disadvantage on the saving throw.

At character level 10, Vampires gain a 30 ft fly speed.

At character level 15, Vampires can become a misty shadow as a bonus action. While in this form, Vampires are immune to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. Ending this form is a Bonus Action.

At character level 20, the Vampire establishes a Safe House. If they die for any reason, they revert to their shadow form, move to the Safe House, and fall into torpor.


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