Verge are the guardians of the Feywild , the Champions of Twilight. While the Fey squabble and bicker, the Verge ensure the Feywild’s safety. Any Verge in the Material Plane is out of place. It wishes always to be back in the Feywild, but knows the Material Plane also needs protection from the Shadowfell.


Whenever the Verge shifts into its hybrid form, or every minute it exists in the form thereafter, it must make a Wisdom save (DC 10). If it fails that save, it is transported to the Feywild and cannot return to the Material Plane until it has completed a short rest. A Verge may also be called back to the Feywild at any time by a Primus Verge to help defend the plane.

A Verge must always engage a creature from the Shadowfell whenever one is encountered.

As an action, a Verge may change shape into a hybrid form. While in this form, they retain all normal characteristics with the following exceptions:

At Level 5:

  • Gain Sylvan language
  • Regenerate 3 Hit Points at the start of each turn. Any dismembered body party regrows.

At Level 10:

  • The Verge doubles its base land speed
  • Regenerate 6 Hit Points at the start of each turn.

At Level 15:

  • As a bonus action, the Verge can become invisible and take an extra move action.
  • Regenerate 10 Hit Points at the start of each turn.

At Level 20:
The Verge gains access to the Primus Verge form. There can be only one Verge who takes this shape, the pinnacle of their respective animal spirits. Changing into this form takes an action and can only be done once before completing a long rest.

  • +3 Natural Armor
  • A Primus Verge can track any individual on the Material Plane or the Feywild.
  • Regenerate 20 Hit Points at the start of each turn.
  • When the Primus Verge strikes a critical hit, the creature must make a Wisdom Save against the Primus Verge’s Wisdom DC or be instantly teleported to a prison in the Feywild.
  • The Primus Verge can cross back and forth between the Feywild and the Material Plane at will.
  • The Primus Verge cannot enter the Shadowfell.
  • The Primus Verge no longer has to make a save to stay in the Material Plane.


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