New Earth

Deal with the Devil

With the dragons granted a little power from the Stone Forged Gem, they fled the forest and made a direct line toward the Crater. Lady Melel, leader of the Elves in Elen, was ecstatic that the dragons with whom she so strongly identified were finally free from their prison. Megami, the Heavenly Sword, was not as thrilled. Apparently, she had been the one to suggest the dragons hide in Elen in the first place. In a rage, Megami attempted to kill Melel, but Onyx stepped in, blasting Megami and initiating a fight that nearly ended in someone’s death. However, the group prevailed and caused Megami to submit.

During that time, Cecilia had collapsed and awoken again as herself. The entity had left. She clung to Endymion and told the group what she knew of the entity who had control of her. It was not a demon, it was not even evil. It was just a man. A very angry and hurt man. And he hated dragons more than anything.

It was then that the Ancient Green Dragon who Aldo had met arrived back in town at Aldo’s summons. During the panic that ran through the town, Megami retrieved her swords from Onyx and fled. She understood that something much worse than a dragon would soon arrive.

The dragon spoke to Aldo, but before much could be said, it collapsed and the sky turned into a purple haze. Every magic user in the city lost consciousness, and no one could figure out what happened. It was then that the Druid of Dusk arrived to lay waste to the city.

Onyx was able to control the Druid’s temper and talk her down from killing everyone in the city. He promised her that he would talk to Abaddon, should he show up to hurt her for failing in keeping the dragons trapped within Elen. And show up he did.

Abaddon immediately killed the Druid of Dusk and her snake without giving anyone a chance to speak. He addressed the group as though they were a part of his retinue, and upon being told they were not, he informed them that the Temple of the Blades was burning, and he had planned for them to take control of the organization. He also informed the group that their little stunt of letting the dragons out had lead to their complete demise, as the Bane of Aether had let off a spell bomb that destroyed every magical creature within a 20 mile radius. He was not more powerful, as well, so the next spell bomb may be even bigger than that. The group realized that the entity within Cecilia had planned for this to happen all along, right down to taking Aldo to the forest to discover the state of the dragons. To combat the Bane, Abaddon promised Adyna a weapon that could help her get to him.

Abaddon attempted to leave, but Onyx pressed him for a conversation. In response, Abaddon cast a spell that killed most the Elves in the area. Within the spell’s range was Cecilia, who now was unable to withstand such power without the Bane of Aether within her. Cecilia fell to Abaddon’s spell.

The group took her to the Life Tree in the center of Elen and buried her there. They were lent a Pixie who kept their dreams safe from the Night Hag who dwelt nearby. They affectionately named him Guyliner. He kept to his word, and the group arrived at the Heart of the Forest and found it had been corrupted by the hags. Pissed off and done with falling for the hags tricks and illusions, the group tore through the Coven and discovered that not only was there no Prater, but there was also no demon. It was all a trick of the hags.

Within the Coven, they found Hide, the warrior from the Monastery of Cherry Blossoms in search of his brother, Rishi. They freed him and together than slaughtered the hags.

Upon freeing the Heart of the Forest from darkness, they were approached by the Unicorn of Elen. She thanked them and encouraged them to continue to do good in the world. They were helping, a little at a time. To help in that quest, she gifted them a way to speed them on their way. The Griffins of Elen.



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