New Earth

The End

With no small amount of hesitation, the group decided to allow Jericho to pass through White Gate to resume godhood within his realm of Rydia. However, upon hearing the group was going to pursue singing the song Ephelia had been learning, Jericho decided to stick around a while longer, though he did not tell the group that was his reasoning.

The group headed out and Adyna had one final dream consisting of Jericho’s plot to kill King Orlandu, and his consultation of Hobbins of the deed. Hobbins told Jericho he would help in whatever way he could, and Jericho enlisted Hobbins to sing a song to make the gods disappear so he would not be held accountable for the murder. Hobbins agreed, but Jericho framed Hobbins for the murder. When Lazarus came to arrest Hobbins, in a desperate bid for freedom, Hobbins turned himself into Lazarus through the use of a song, becoming the first Changeling. Lazarus died upon seeing himself outside of his own body, and it seemed Hobbins took up being Lazarus from that day forward. Adyna could only surmise that he was Lazarus still and the dreams were some kind of fail safe put into place to alert the Changelings of their lineage and responsibility should Hobbins ever need help.

The group made their way to the Inn of Blight’s End to find Toby to teach Ephelia the Final Song, but upon beginning, Toby was assassinated by Ko on orders from Jericho. Toby survived but was severely injured. The group knew there was only one option left to learn the song Jericho apparently did not want them to sing — they needed Hobbins.

At long last, the group found themselves in the City of Beyond. After confronting ghosts from every person they had ever killed, the group was able to speak to Lazarus and coax Hobbins from his Changeling status, a status he had apparently forgotten he had.

Hobbins gave his power to Ephelia — the power to shape reality through verse. It was a power Ephelia reluctantly took. Hobbins informed the group that he had control of the Penitent Six, and he would ensure they never left the City of Beyond again. Satisfied, the group headed back to the Inn.

There they found Jericho, Ko, and Vast the Immeasurable. The gods soon arrived as well. Jericho, holding the body of Toby, made one last plea for the group to leave the song alone and forget it ever existed. They refused. With the gods also demanding the group stand down, Adyna decided enough was enough, and in one fell swoop, she and her lion companion ended the life of Jericho the Maker once and for all — for the very last time. As his last breath escaped his body, Adyna donned the face of Hobbins Lightfoot and let Jericho know he was still alive, and he had died by Hobbins’s hand. With that thought in mind, Jericho was gone.

Ko, now released from his obligation became free, but without a god to uphold his world, he began to violently fade into unreality. The gods disappeared as well, as it was revealed Cassius had been the gods all along. He rushed to his dead father’s side and cradled his body. Meanwhile, Skyy had called upon the guardians of the earth to help defeat Vast, who was in league with Jericho in some capacity. The fight between Vast and the Air and Earth guardians raged outside, while the group, frantically trying to save Ko’s life, urged Cassius to take his father’s place as god of Rydia. Cassius reluctantly agreed and passed through White Gate with his father’s stones. However, he was unable to take Ko.

Attention turned to Vast and the battle with the Guardians — a battle which was not going well for Skyy and the Guardians. Toby awoke and Ephelia urged him to sing the song with her. Together, they sang, not knowing exactly what would happen. The gods they thought they had brought back were fake, would this bring back the real gods?

It did.

The three actual gods returned upon completion of the song, and in one brilliant moment of power, shredded Vast the Immeasurable to pieces.

The Guardians retreated to tend to their wounds. The group looked around at one another. Jericho was dead. Ko was safe. The portals in the sky were closed. Hobbins Lightfoot was finally at peace. Adyna had her revenge. The Jade Empire was defeated. Black Thorne was returned and reunited with Whitespire. The continents had come back together. Aldo had saved the Fey and was gone. The Dragons were being born across the world even as they stood gazing at the sky. And the Inn of the Last Regret lay ruined around them, now the Inn of Blight’s End. Their actions had brought safety to the world, and in time, peace.

New Earth was no longer. Whitespire and Blackthorne were a world united. Skyy would go on to be the guardian of the world for as long as the responsibility was his to bear. And in time, the group agreed, when the world no longer needed them, they would somehow find Aldo through the Obelisk’s power, and they would all walk through White Gate together to create a world of their own.

The End.



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